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High-speed racing game for mobile

Race Master 3D is a free racing game for mobile developed by SayGames Ltd. This car racer boasts competitive high-speed races on various courses. To provide more challenge, the tracks feature various obstacles and traps that players need to avoid as they try to overtake enemies and become first place.

Race Master 3D mixes the vibrant graphics of Horizon Chase: World Tour with the intuitive controls and simplicity of Hot Slide. Paired with the obstacle course-like tracks, it provides a unique and challenging pocket racer that will test the skills and reflexes of racing game fans.

How do I play it?

When you first start playing Race Master 3D, two things will become obvious to you immediately. The first is the graphics that feature vibrant colors and detailed models for the various cars featured in it. The second has to do with the gameplay itself. The game is played in portrait orientation and features an intuitive one-finger control scheme that you can use your thumb or index finger with.

Its level design features race tracks that have unique obstacles that you need to avoid as you race and various surfaces that affect how responsive your car is as you try to steer it. As for the rides, there are 7 vehicles that you can collect and manage in your garage. Tune them to your liking and adorn them with accessories or a choice of 15 paint colors.

Race Master 3D has 33 tracks across 7 locations to race in and that feature tunnels, ramps, and others that make each one feel fresh and new every time. Now, being a free-to-play game, ads are par for the course. However, they can be too aggressive, becoming obtrusive and distracting during gaming. Also, its gameplay is more arcadey in nature, hence the lack of objectives and sense of progression.

A fun and challenging pocket racer

Overall, Race Master 3D is a nice little pocket racer that you can play for short bursts. The graphics look nice and the gameplay is fun and challenging. The controls are intuitive and there are plenty of things to do and cars to tune and customize to your liking. Not to mention that it features lots of tracks in different locations.


  • Fun and challenging gameplay
  • Vibrant graphics and intuitive controls
  • Uniquely designed race tracks


  • Obtrusive ads
  • No objectives or sense of progression

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